Thursday, 10 December 2015

Letter Ff printable pack

Welcome back to the next letter in the Letter of the Week series! Today, I am sharing the newest free printable pack for the letter Ff! This pack  contains over 50 pages of wonderful printables that can help your little ones learn the alphabet! 

Y has been loving working on these activities! It's been so inspiring to watch him pick up on the letters we are covering. Funny story- last week, I noticed how much he's really getting out of it and how much he's learning when a friend came over to visit. 

His friend is about 6 and is currently learning to read at school. Of course, she's learning in Dutch, but we are doing Y's letters at home and are using my mother tongue (Russian). Y brought her some of his letter activities so they could do them together and started explaining to her what the letters were. It was so sweet, but the poor girl was so confused! 

I explained to her that the alphabet is different and some of the letters may look the same but have different sounds etc etc. Interestingly, I also learned that the kids are taught phenotic letter sounds at school here instead of the letter names, as well. 

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Free printables: Letter of the week Ff


  • Play dough mat
  • Pre-writing mat
  • Cut and glue craft
  • Colouring page
  • Stamp the F/f page
  • Sand tray cards
  • Cutting practice
  • Letter Ff maze
  • Sorting capital and lower case letters
  • I spy game
  • Letter Ff DIY book or prereading cards
  • Shadow matching
  • Fruit 3 part cards (matching/vocabulary building work)
  • Farm animal prereading cards
  • Farm animal families cards
  • Shape discrimination
  • Number cards

Download letter Ff printables

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