Friday, 30 October 2015

Tot Labs Presents: Letter Bb

I am so happy to be here to share the second installment of Tot Labs Letter of the Week series! Today, I am sharing what was on our shelves for Letter B/П! Be sure to download your own free printable pack at the end of this post! 

Also, make sure to visit Amruta iover at Mumma Diaries! Her ideas are wonderful and you'll get more beautiful, free printables. Also, checkout her lovely facebook page while your at it for more hands on learning ideas! 

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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Avoiding plastic for meal time with kids

I am so excited to share with a peak into some of my favourite items for my son's meals! Bowls, plates, containers for on the go and more! 

When it comes to our son, the Hubby and I really try to avoid plastics. We choose to go for quality materials that are durable and safe for him. Recently, I swapped out all of the remaining plastics bowls and plates we occasionally used for him. Y now only has bamboo, stainless steel, and whatever 'normal' plates we use for ourselves. 
Avoiding plastics during meal time for kids by Welcome to Mommyhood #naturalliving, #mealtime, #healthylifestyle
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I do have one note - we waited to buy bamboo plates until Y no longer dropped things from his high chair as much because these can break. The items I include in this round up are a bit pricier than 'normal', plastic materials. For us, we started by swapping out plastic for stainless steal and then after I was fairly confident that bamboo plates would survive in our home, I finalllllyy purchased some items. 

We picked out a few, high quality items that seemed particularly useful and practical for our family. I am so happy them and want to share the items that we have been loving, as well as a few items on my 'to buy' list! 

Psst! Christmas is coming up, and these would make fabulous gifts! 

Monday, 26 October 2015

30+ Healthy Halloween Inspired Snacks

Halloween doesn't just have to be about candy! There are tons of delicious and healthy Halloween snack ideas out there that are sure to be crowd pleasers! 

Whether you're on the lookout for creepy crawlies, eyeballs, or pumpkins, there's a tasty snack here that's sure to get your little one excited for Halloween aaannnndd munching on fruits and veggies! 

30+ Healthy Halloween Snacks round up by Welcome to Mommyhood #healthysnacks, #healthypreschoolmeals, #healthytoddlermeals, #healthyhalloweensnacks

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Letter of the Week: A

I am so excited to start the Tot Labs Letter of the Week series! Today, I am sharing what was on our shelves for Letter A/Я! Be sure to download your own free printable pack at the end of this post! 

Also, be sure to see what Amruta is up to this week over at Mumma Diaries! You'll love all of her creative ideas!

Tot Labs Presents: Letter of the Week Letter A by Welcome to Mommyhood #montessori, #preschoolactivities, #handsonlearning, #homeschool, #montessoriactivities
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Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Letter of the Week Announcement

Today, I am so excited to announce to you guys a project that I have been working on for months alongside my fabulous business partner Amruta from Mumma diaries! {If you haven't already, go over to her youtube channel and check out all of the fabulous activities and tips she shares!} 

Starting Friday 23 October, she and I will be collaborating on a new series called Letter of the Week! We will be sharing weekly activities geared towards teaching young kids the alphabet! Every week, she and I will both be sharing new and exciting materials for this series, so be sure to visit both my blog and Amruta's youtube channel to see what we are up to!

Tot Labs Presents: Letter of the week - curriculum, hands on activities, and free printables by Mumma Diarires and Welcome to Mommyhood

Monday, 19 October 2015

Halloween cut and paste

Y is still having a blast with practicing using his scissors! We used this very simple Halloween themed cut and paste activity recently and Y loved it! 

The kiddo had a fever and wasn't feeling well all weekend. This was one of the few things he actually wanted to work on instead of staying in bed all day. Of course, I gave him many, many cuddles and tea, too. 

You can download your own printable at the end of this post! 

Halloween themed cut and paste printable by Welcome to Mommyhood #freeprintables, #halloweenactivities, #montessori, #preschoolactivities, #preschool, #kidsactivities, #homeschool

Veggie loaded quinoa fried 'rice'

Quinoa fried rice by Welcome to Mommyhood #quinoarecipes, #healthymeals, #healthykidsrecipes
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Since getting home from the hospital, I have to admit that cooking has been quite a challenge for me. I actually came to dislike it for a while there as I struggled to figure out how to do it efficiently, enjoy it, and not get completely exhausted from it.

Yea all that. And then I realised I was getting into the habit of feeding Y bread and unhealthy snacks far more than veggies and 'real food'. I needed to get back to easy, healthy meals for the family. After a bit of reflection and a few episodes of Master Chef Australia (seriously, go watch it!), I was inspired to at least cook something. 

The past week or so, I finally got that fire and passion back that I used to have for food and I am so, so excited about it! I love cooking for my family, I love exploring flavours, using fresh produce from the garden, all of it! 

Quinoa fried rice by Welcome to Mommyhood #quinoarecipes, #healthymeals, #healthykidsrecipes

One of the ingredients I used a lot of last week was quinoa. Y has been asking for it, which coincided with our grains preschool unit, and I was happy to oblige. 

This particular recipe has a 'stir fry' or quinoa fried 'rice' sort of vibe or inspiration behind it. It was good. Like really, really good. The husband didn't even leave leftovers for me! 

Aside from being super tasty with bits of pan fried, delicious quinoa, yummy veggies, and gooey eggs, this recipe was quick and easy

Seeee! Easy, peasy veggie goodness! ... with quinoa! 

Quinoa fried rice by Welcome to Mommyhood #quinoarecipes, #healthymeals, #healthykidsrecipes

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Meal plan, meal plan, meal plan

It's been quite a while since I've shared a meal plan on here. Cooking has been a bit sporadic at my home lately, and I haven't been planning all that much. 

A few trips to the market alongside watching a few cooking shows, and I'm finally feeling excited about getting back to the kitchen. On top of all of the chaos of our lives recently, Y has been super sick and decided to refuse to eat food. 

I had to come up with some quick solutions to get some vitamins into him, which luckily required only a few attempts at veggie loaded pancakes or butternut squash muffins before the kiddo was finally eating something again. 

The victory of getting a toddler to eat was pretty inspiring and I remembered how helpful it was to plan my meals - not only because it saves so much time during busy weeks, but also it helps to cut down on the costs of food. We then have less food going bad and buy only what we need instead of everything that looks yummy.

And so, this is what we will be eating next week. Hopefully simple enough (or at least enough leftovers) for us to have healthy (and delicious!) meals all week! 

Healthy Meal Plan

Healthy meal plans by Welcome to Mommyhood #easyhealthymeals, #healthymealplans, #healthymeals, #healthyfamily

Friday, 16 October 2015

All about grains preschool activities and printables

Y loves, loves, loves to help me cook! It was his interest in food, cooking, and of course eating that inspired this set of activities and printables! Today, we're talking about grains! 

Montessori inspired all about grains printables, practical life, and sensorial activities by Welcome to Mommyhood #montessori, #sensorial, #preschoolactivities, #montessoriactivities, #grains, #freeprintablesforkids

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Birthday themed printable pack for kids

Last month, we celebrated Y's third birthday! With all of the birthday fun and chaos last month, I didn't have very much time to get out Birthday themed printables on the shelves, let alone share them on here. This month, one of my goals is to catch up on our preschool themes! 

Today, I am starting that by sharing our Birthday themed printables pack!

Birthday themed printable pack by Welcome to Mommyhood #preschoolactivities, #preschool, #montessori, #montessoriactivities, #freeprintables

Monday, 12 October 2015

Healthy recipes: Brussel sprouts and quinoa casserole

It's been quite a while since I have shared a recipe on here. Cooking from the wheelchair has proved to be a bit challenging - especially with a 3 year old 'assistant'. He loves to cook, but oh the mess! Nonetheless, I'm trying to get back to the swing of things and cook healthy, easy recipes that my family will love.

Before my accident, we ate a pretty paleo diet. Nowadays, we don't. Simply because I'm too slow and still have too much pain to manage 2 warm meals a day, plus a cooked breakfast. Bread has been sneaking in full force. I'm not really loving the impact this is having on Y as he has started getting fussy at meal times and requests sandwiches all the time.

I don't mind much that he eats bread or even unhealthy 'treats' like french fries or cookies every now and again, but I like balance and hope that he will enjoy veggies and healthy meals like my husband and I do. 

Last week, my dear husband finally was able to start working on the kitchen in our house. I don't know if it's the thought of being able to finally live there, use a kitchen that is designed for a wheelchair (making cooking easier), or just that my kid hasn't been eating as healthy as I want, but I finally felt excited about cooking! 

Of course it helped that I was also able to visit the market and stock up on spices, herbs, and veggies! As I get back to cooking more, I find that I am focusing on getting good quality ingredients into our meals to which I only need to add minimal 'work' to get flavourful meals out of. 

We aren't doing paleo, but clean eating is very important to us as well as minimal gluten. The gluten thing isn't really for any particular reason other than I think things like quinoa are tastier than 'normal' pasta for example. Personal choice. I'm just like that. I also like to have a variety of grains or beans on hand for simple side dishes, such as brown rice, quinoa, buckwheat, etc. 

This particular day, I wanted to make a quick dinner that was healthy and bursting with flavahh! And so we have a brussel sprouts and quinoa dish! I was initially a bit unsure what Y would make of it because I did make it a little spicy, but the kiddo ended up loving it! 

Easy healthy recipes: brussel sprouts and quinoa stove top casserole #easyhealthyrecipes, #realfood, #realfoodforkids, #healthykidsmeals, #vegan, #vegetarian, #glutenfree, #dairyfree

Before we get the recipe, let's about about this photo? While it's not beautiful quality, I am super excited about it because because because it represents the first meal we had inside of our house! Yaayyy! 

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Space themed cut and paste

Y has been absolutely loving using scissors and glue sticks! He's been practicing with his scissors for the last half a year and has really improved his skills! His concentration and patience for using his scissors has really increased and he is constantly asking for more and more things to cut. 

Of course, I have to oblige! For a fun craft, I made this lovely space themed printable. This printable consists of two parts - a lovely space background and images to cut and paste onto the background. This is a great activity to let your kiddos make their own space scene! 

Free printable space themed cut and paste strips #cuttingstrips, #practicallife, #montessori, #preschoolactivities, #toddleractivities

Monday, 5 October 2015

DIY sandpaper numbers

A few months ago, I made some DIY sandpaper numbers for my son. So far, he has been enjoying using them in our works. Not only have they been on our shelves almost everyday since I finished them, but we use them to sing a silly number song regularly! 

Because I have been getting questions about how I made these, I am very excited to share with you exactly how I put these together as well as the printable I used for getting the d'nealian font! 

DIY Sandpaper number tutorial by Welcome to Mommyhood #Montessori, #preschoolathome, #preschool

This is the first time I am sharing such a 'DIY' tutorial so if there is something that is not clear or you need a few extra tips, please don't hesitate to ask! 

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Farm themed activities

Today, I am finally sharing a look at some of the fun we have been having on our shelves during the month of September! Y loved our farm themed printables so much that I kept them around a bit longer than I normally do! Here's a look at all of the hands on fun! 

Montessori inspired farm themed preschool activities by Welcome to Mommyhood, #montessori, #preschoolactivities, #farmthemedactivities

Preschool activities: Farm theme

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Free Halloween printables for preschoolers

I can't believe it's already October! For those of you in the United States, that means that Halloween is approaching! Here in the Netherlands, we don't celebrate Halloween, but I still like to present some Halloween themed works for Y. 

It's fun to teach my kiddo about different holidays and cultures even though we aren't exposed to it very much here. Plus, I feel nostalgic for when I did live in the United States. 

In honour of Halloween, here's the latest freebie - a mini Halloween printable pack! These printables are fun and cute for helping little ones practice counting, using scissors, and more! 

Free Halloween printable pack from Welcome to Mommyhood #montsesori, #preschoolactivities, #halloweenactivities, #halloweenpreschoolactivities