Thursday, 21 January 2016

A breakfast biscuit for your morning routine!

This post brought to you by belVita. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Welcome to Mommyhood.

Good morning everyone! Today, is a special type of post because it's brought to you by two Welcome to Mommyhood writers - me and my mom, Marianna!

We're here to tell you all about belVita breakfast biscuits, as well as a fun sampling taking place at your local Meijer!

If you're as excited as we are to try belVita's yummy breakfast biscuits, head on over to your local Meijer this upcoming Saturday January 23 and attend their sampling event! The event will take place from 8 am until 2 pm.

You'll be able to try all sorts of different flavors of belVita's breakfast biscuits. There's such a large variety of flavors that we're certain that there's at least one to satisfy even the pickier members of your family!

Personally, I love the bites variety! These are convenient to offer up to kids, and avoid tons of mess. I just think they're fun and easy! Really, I just adore things like this with my morning coffee. Right before the kiddo wakes up, I can have a few quietly by myself.

Cutting out even a little bit of time in the mornings has been very important to me since my accident is so important to me. Mornings can be rough, especially before my coffee. belVita's breakfast biscuits are a quick option that free up some time for me to get some work done!

There's also a softer version of these biscuits. With flavors like mixed berry, banana bread, and oats and chocolate, you just can't go wrong! My mom buys these for my brother, who has braces. This version is easy on the teeth! Psst, that also means it's convenient for little ones' teeth who can't handle the crunch quite just yet!

Looking for a little bit of oompth? Try the crunchy variety of belVita's breakfast biscuits! There's even a chocolate flavor for 'those' types of mornings.

All in all, these biscuits provide four hours of steady energy. Nutritious and easy? Please, sign me up!

Even my teenage brother loves 'em. As in shoveling into his mouth good. Because teenage boys don't need to breathe, only eat.

We hope that this post has sparked your curiosity at least! Be sure to head on over to Meijer this Saturday to learn more about these delicious biscuits! You'll get an easy and tasty start to your morning!

Please note, this sampling event is only taking place at Meijer stores. They are located in the following states: Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky, Wisconsin. belVita breakfast biscuits can be found in the cookie and cracker isle at your local Meijer.

Don't forget to pick up your own belVita Breakfast Biscuits as well as attend the sampling event at Meijer and be a part of the belVita Morning Win, too!

& my lovely mom!

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