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3 easy mom on the go looks (wheelchair friendly!)

Today, I'm chatting about something you haven't seen around here before! How exciting, right? We're talking about clothes and mommy style! 

Wheelchair friendly style: 3 looks for moms (wheelchair friendly) by Welcome to Mommyhood #style, #fashion, #wheelchairstyle, #momstyle

This is a bit of a scary topic for me. Oh man, my 'style' or lack there of has taken quite a few hits in the past few years. 

After becoming a mom? My body changed and it took a while to figure out how I wanted to dress. Plus, I nursed for almost two years so finding modest, fashionable, but easily accessible clothing for nursing was really difficult. And I started staying at home, which means a bunch of cooking and cleaning so what's the point of getting dressed, right? 

After I stopped nursing, I kind of got my groove back with dressing relatively fashionably and started feeling confident again about my body. Hell, I had a kid, nursed him for a long time, and my body did that. That's something to be proud of!  I started putting in effort into my clothes and tried to stop being so self conscious about my chubby belly. That belly grew a human being! 

But then my accident happened and I had to learn how to use a wheelchair. It seems like perhaps given all that I had been through with going from a normal, healthy 27 year old to a paraplegic within minutes, that fashion and clothes would not be a very important concern. 

Of course, in the beginning, I wasn't terribly bothered by my style, but it's been almost one year since I was injured. My injury is permanent and I know I will always have to use a wheelchair barring some miraculous medical breakthrough within my lifetime. 

Wheelchair or not, I am still a woman. A wife. A mother. I want to look good. I want to feel good. And how I dress really impacts that. There's a difference in my mindset when I wear sweats my husband's sweat pants and when I put on a comfortable pair of leggings and a tunic and brush my hair. I'm ready for unexpected visitors, suddenly deciding to go out and about, and generally feel more willing to do things. Really, it makes a difference in my own mindset. 

Plus, I'm only 28 now. I'm young and I want to dress fashionably. 

The thing is, when I started thinking about how I wanted to dress my body after my injury, I had several practical considerations. Clothing needs to be easy to get on. Clothing must be of good quality or wounds can develop which can lead to bed rest or even surgery! And I want to look good. 

Today, I am sharing a few ideas for practical/functional 'mom' looks. These are a few ideas for easy to put together outfits for the day, but also ones that work well for me given that I do use a wheelchair.  

Idea 1:  

Wheelchair friendly style: 3 looks for moms (wheelchair friendly) by Welcome to Mommyhood #style, #fashion, #wheelchairstyle, #momstyle

My picks:

  • Long sweater
  • Black jeans
  • Scarf
  • Watch/bracelets 
  • Knee high boots

When I am just home and don't have particular plans for going out, I still like to get dressed. Something like this is a really easy look that is still perfect for going out when something unexpected happens. 

A comfortable sweater that is longer in the back is a must for me! I am constantly bending forward or to the side to pick things up from the floor. When you sit and bend forward so far, your back gets exposed and that's a) cold and b) can lead to undies showing. In the wheelchair, the front length can get annoying because it will bunch in the front. I love wearing tops that are a little bit longer in the back than in the front as it resolves both length problems.

I frequently wear jeans. My absolute favourite are black, denim jeans. For wheelchair users, you should be careful with the pockets and may want to consider getting them removed from your jeans as those can cause wounds. I have not had any problems yet.

In the winter, I'm also cold, and I like to add a scarf, for a fun but practical way to accessorize an otherwise simple outfit.

Idea 2: 

Wheelchair friendly style: 3 looks for moms (wheelchair friendly) by Welcome to Mommyhood #style, #fashion, #wheelchairstyle, #momstyle

My Picks

  • Cardigan
  • Dressier top
  • Black leggings
  • Belt
  • Watch 
  • Necklace
  • Knee high boots

Another favourite of mine and essential in my closet is a pair or two of good quality black leggings. I love how versatile they are and how comfy. In order to 'dress up' a pair of simple leggings, I like to pair them with a tunic/longer length shirt. Something with a little bit of lace to make it a slightly fancier outfit is both comfortable and looks put together.

In the winter, I like to add a cardigan. Again, if you are using a wheelchair, be careful with the length of these and make sure that you are not sitting on a bunched up piece of fabric as this can lead to wounds.

For me, I am very petite and like to cinch loose, flowy tops like the pink one above with a small belt. My frame is very small so if clothing is very loose, I get lost in the fabric and the nicer parts of my figure (small waist) is not accentuated. 

A note on knee high boots - these are my favourite to wear. In the Netherlands, we are constantly being rained upon and even though I don't walk, boots still keep my legs warm and dry. Finding the right pair can be tricky. I like ones that have a zipper that goes all the way up and try to gentle tug on the shoes to get them on. Good quality shoes are very important or again, wounds. 

Idea 3

Wheelchair friendly style: 3 looks for moms (wheelchair friendly) by Welcome to Mommyhood #style, #fashion, #wheelchairstyle, #momstyle

My picks

  • Cardigan 
  • Fitted tank
  • Black jeans
  • Purse
  • High heeled boots 

A warm thick cardigan is just cozy and comfy! The same concerns as above still apply. I like to pair it with a good, tight tank top. By the way ladies, if you are in a wheelchair and bend forward frequently for picking things up, be aware that a tank top underneath loose tops may be convenient for modesty. Otherwise, everyone around you may get a peek at your bra.  

I still like to wear heels. A lot. I'm Russian, and I swear, it's just ingrained in my head that I must wear heals. I love booties like this with a fun detail. My doctors and therapists all said that wearing heels is just fine. A concern would be that your feet would 'get stuck' in that position, but that would require constantly wearing high heels. I put them on when we go out sometimes and it's never enough time to do extensive damage to your feet as long as the shoes themselves are good quality and fit properly. 

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