Thursday, 25 February 2016

Montessori inspired baby spaces

I have to admit that I have babies on my mind. A lot. It seems like everyone I know at the moment is pregnant. Psst - no this does not include me. So, with inspiration all around, I've gathered a small list of amazing Montessori inspiration specifically targeting babies! 

When my son was born, we had no idea about Montessori. If we could do it again, I would really do so many things so differently now that I am aware of it's wonderful benefits and the beauty of keeping things simple. We'd save so much money on useless contraptions, too! 

If you are curious about how to incorporate Montessori for your baby, be sure to read the wonderful collection of articles below!

Montessori inspired baby spaces and tips by Welcome to Mommyhood #montessori, #montessoribaby

Montessori inspired spaces for babies

Baby Oliver's room is such a lovely combination of cute and practical! 
Another beautiful Montessori bedroom from Midwest Montessori
Setting up a baby space in your living room from Living Montessori Now
Preparing a Montessori environment for a baby from Age of Montessori
Setting up a Montessori space in your home 
from Living Montessori Now
Montessori Home by Confessions of a Montessori Mom
Tips for creating a Montessori bedroom from How We Montessori
Baby Montessori bedroom from How We Montessori
The Making of a Montessori Bedroom from This Merry Montessori
Montessori newborn essentials? by Midwest Montessori
9 tips to setting up a Montessori bedroom

Miscellaneous bonus ideas for babies:

Montessori for babies from Montessori Notebook is a wonderful post explaining multiple important aspects about creating a Montessori environment for your baby
Baby pull up bar and mirror from Montessori en Casa
Benefits of the weaning table from The Kavanaugh Report
Mobiles for babies from Montessori en Casa

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