Friday, 11 March 2016

Letter of the Week: Letter Mm printables

Welcome back to this week's Letter of the Week printable pack! Today, I am sharing Letter M printables! Before we get into that, I wanted to have a quick chat with you guys or some general 'house keeping' talk. 

This month has been pretty quiet on here. The thing is - I'm hiding a HUGE secret, well several actually. One big thing is personal and I won't be spilling the beans for a while, but it will eventually have an impact on things around here, as well. Keep an eye out in the coming months for an announcement! 

There are also several large projects that I am continuing to work on for this blog specifically. I hope to get these launched very soon but it has also involved a lot of work, leaving me much less time for adding new content. So, I'm thinking of taking the rest of the month 'off' from blogging. Or rather, I will be focusing more on the behind the scenes stuff rather than new content quite as much. Letter of the Week however will be continuing back on to the regularly scheduled programme of new content every Tuesday and Friday starting today. In April, I will return to blogging every week day. 

Also, don't forget to stop by Amruta's youtube channel over at Mumma Diaries to see all of the lovely Letter M activities she is sharing! There are tons, tons, tons of fabulous hands on activities for teaching your little one all about the letter m!

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Free Letter M Printables

Letter M printables
Letter M printables (Russian)

Did you miss a letter? 

Looking for more? 

Checkout my Letters and Reading Pinterest Board for tons of ideas for teaching your kids the alphabet!

Tot Labs presents Letter of the Week: Letter Ll book recommendations by Welcome to Mommyhood, #preschoolactivities, #montessoriactivities, #montessori, #handsonlearning, #letteroftheweek, #lotw, #freeprintables

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