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Teether recommendations for babies

I have to admit - I have babies on my mind! We still don't know what the sex of our little babe is which means that I have been (not so) patiently waiting to start getting things ready for his or her arrival. I'm still convinced that it's a boy, but both Hubby and Y are adamant that Baby is a girl. I'm so excited to see which one it is! 

For now though, I've been looking into getting little things here and there that would work either way. Today, I am sharing a post on baby teethers. I do want to point out that while some of these toys can be used as rattles or to strengthen hand muscles, they are ones that I am recommending specifically for babies to chew on. I'm going to be sharing our rattles recommendations separately so keep an eye out! 

One thing that is so important for my family is that we try to really limit the amount of plastic, chemicals, 'yucky stuff' etc that we have in the house. Basically, we try to lead a pretty natural lifestyle and try to limit our footprint on the Earth. 

When it comes to choosing products for our kids, my husband and I really look to natural materials that are good quality. We want our children's toys, clothes, or whatever it is, to last and we want to know that they will be safe with the items we choose. 

When it comes to teethers in particular, it's really important to look for the types of materials you feel comfortable with letting your baby chew on. These items will go in their mouths of course, so it's important to know what you are purchasing. For me, I tried to look for good quality, sturdy materials, and ones that are free from BPAs and phthalates. The majority of the teethers that we like are wooden ones. 

Another little hint - when Y had very achy gums as a baby, I would express some breast milk and freeze it. We had one of those net feeders that I would put the breast milk 'popsicle' into and let him suck on that for a few minutes at a time. You also want to be careful not to let them have it for too long as they could get uncomfortable from being too cold. 

Baby toy recommendations 0-6 months by Welcome to Mommyhood #montessori, #babies, #montessoribabies
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Teethers for babies

11. Teether Fish 

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