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Summer Recipes: 17 Delicious watermelon recipes

Summer is a wonderful time of year, but it can also be hot. Obviously, right? Except in the Netherlands, where I live, where it is cold. But right now I'm pretending I'm back in Michigan, where my mom says it's ridiculously hot, and there's lots of pool and lake time happening. 

Because this lack of any season except for unbelievable amounts of rain and wind is seriously getting old. I'm just pretending we are actually in the middle of summer. 

Anyway, when it comes to beating the heat, one of my favourite ways to do that is with Delicious food and drinks that cool our bodies down. My summer recipes tend to be really basic and refreshing. Even if we don't have particularly hot weather, we are usually very busy and hydration is still very important. 

Watermelon is perhaps one of my absolute favourite foods. Aside from being the only craving I have been having so far this pregnancy, it's just a delicious fruit! For today's round of yummy summer recipes, I am sharing a collection of amazing watermelon recipes! These range from fun, drinks for hydration to healthy side dishes that can make your lunch of dinner extra yummy! 

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Summer recipes: 

17 delicious watermelon recipes

These watermelon popsicles are so pretty!

Yum! Watermelon mint popsicles sound like a tasty and hydrating treat!

1 ingredient watermelon sorbet?! Easy and delicious? Count us in!

Now that I'm pregnant, water just doesn't sound as yummy. However, this watermelon vitamin water looks wonderful!

This watermelon juice also sounds delicious and so good for you!

Watermelon slushies sound like the perfect treat for kids and adults, too!

This smoothie looks both beautiful and delicious! And so does this one!

A creamy watermelon coconut smoothie also looks heavenly!

These watermelon lime ice cubes will be sure to add that special bit of oompth to your drink!

Watermelon and prosciutto salad? While not a combination I would typically go for, it sounds like a perfect summer recipe!  

Watermelon feta skewers are also a new combination for me, but look so good! 

Watermelon and avocado salad?! Two of my favourite foods! And I'm certain my kiddo would adore this!

This watermelon and blueberry salad is another wonderful summer combination! We even have a blueberry plant in the backyard that could go towards this recipe!

This watermelon and goat cheese appetizer would be sure to wow your guests!

A mojito melon salad sounds like a fabulous alternative for a summer dessert! This recipe is non-alcoholic and would be certain to be a hit with kids!

Watermelon fruit leather? Yep, that exists and would make a great alternative to candy!

Bonus: for the non-pregnant adults, here is a delicious looking watermelon rose granita! Hm. Maybe next summer, I'll be able to indulge a little? But with nursing, I doubt it. Probably a non-alcoholic version would still be super delicious! 

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