Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Famous paintings cards

As promised during our Art curriculum planning post for this year, we are working on a new set of art themed activities! I'm so excited to start teaching Y about different forms of art, artists, paintings, and so much more! 

Actually, putting these activities and printables together has made me realise another reason why I feel so lucky to be living in the Netherlands - we have access to some amazing art museums! This may mean that we will just have to make it out on a few field trips to Amsterdam to visit places like the Rembrandt House Museum. 

I'm also thinking that we just have to hop on a train and go to Paris to see the Mona Lisa, right? Ah, wishful thinking with a baby arriving soon, but realistically, an hour trip to Amsterdam would be possible, and I'm getting quite excited about it! We first get to explore paintings at home, and then go see them in real life! Definitely a fun way to learn! 

Introduction to famous paintings cards by Welcome to Mommyhood #totlabs, #preschoolactivities, #artactivities, #montessoriactivities, #montessori

Monday, 29 August 2016

Apple Number Clip Cards

Free apple number clip cards for preschoolers by Welcome to Mommyhood #preschoolactivities, #homeschool, #freeprintables, #fallactivitiesforkids
Hey guys! Summer is officially over here in the Netherlands. Today, was the first day the kids head back to school. For our homeschool activities, we're getting back into the full swing of things, too. 

The only 'problem' we have is that Daddy is off of work. Last week, we took his first week of holiday off for some quality family time and lots of fun activities together. This was the first time in two years that Hubby wasn't working on the house! And we had a completely unplanned technology detox. I have to admit it was quite a bit glorious. 

Now, Y is going to (public) school and we are getting into our homeschool activities and finishing off the house/moving and preparing for baby while hubby still has two more weeks off from work. It's pure chaos, but it's absolutely wonderful to be so close to having our house be done! 

Anyway, anyway. All of this to say, fall is heading our way! This of course means the start of all things apple, pumpkin, and wonderful! To celebrate the start of the new school year, I am sharing a lovely little freebie with you guys! A favourite with Y - apple number clip cards! 

Free apple number clip cards for preschoolers by Welcome to Mommyhood #preschoolactivities, #homeschool, #freeprintables, #fallactivitiesforkids

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Baby Gender Reveal

Psst!!! I know I'm a tad bit behind in my pregnancy updates, I do want to update you guys on something fun and pregnancy related - the sex of our baby! 

Baby gender reveal by Welcome to Mommyhood #pregnancy, #paralysisandpregnancy, #baby

Weather 3 part cards

I'm so excited to be starting our weather unit! Y has been so fascinated with rain and all sorts of weather phenomena! To start off, I made some Montessori Weather 3 part cards that I am sharing today! 

Montessori weather 3 part cards by Welcome to Mommyhood #montessori, #preschool, #weatherunit, #preschoolactivities, #reading

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

What do you really need for a new baby

I'm so excited that we're getting closer and closer to baby number two to get here! As we get ready for baby to arrive, I'm realising how much more confident I feel in my choices with this baby than I was for Y, and also how much less stuff we are going to buy and use. 

When I was pregnant with Y, I read about how you need to have a bouncer, a swing, a jumperoo contraption, a pack and play, and a bunch of other objects that you can put your baby in. I have to admit, I was 24, living in the Netherlands, and felt so overwhelmed by all of the conflicting advice I found on Dutch sites, American sites, and all of these huge shopping lists. 

Guide to baby essentials by Welcome to Mommyhood #babyessentials, #baby
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Monday, 15 August 2016

Colors sorting activity for toddlers (printables in 4 languages)

Y and I have been working a lot on vocabulary in English. If you're a regular on here, you know that I speak Russian at home to my son, my husband speaks a regional language called Frisian in the Netherlands, and then my husband and I speak English to each other. We also use either Dutch or Frisian to communicate with other people - at the grocery store, school, doctors, etc. Basically, it is a lot of languages. 

So English. Y hears English from my husband and I daily, but we haven't really tried to teach it to him. Children are seriously sponges though, and Y has been absorbing English during the past 4 years of his life. He speaks it. Fluently. 

The past few months, I have been trying to actively teach him vocabulary and proper pronunciation. One of the printables that I made to review for him was a fun color sorting work that I am sharing with you today! 

Color sorting for toddlers by Welcome to Mommyhood #homeschool, #earlylearning, #toddleractivities

Saturday, 13 August 2016

Free school bus letter matching printables in English and Russian

We've definitely started working on our back to school (at home) routine this past week! I'm so excited about it! I have always loved the rush of back to school and the beauty of fall, even as a child. It may have had to do with my birthday being in September. 

Y was born on my birthday actually, and now, I just love planning our his birthday party! It's always so much fun to pick a theme, make some decorations, and host a kids party! After our birthdays, then I love getting out all of our pumpkin and fall themed decorations. 

Okay, okay, now, I'm totally off topic. Getting back to the point - back to school. In honour of back to school, I created cute School Bus Letter Matching printable! 

Free School Bus Letter Matching Printables by Welcome to Mommyhood #letterrecognition, #homeschool, #preschool, #preschoolactivities, #alphabetactivities

Y and I have been working hard on learning the letters of the alphabet. I wanted to create a simple printable that focuses on matching upper and lower case letters! 

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

2016-2017 Homeschool Art Plans

I'm really excited to be doing something a bit new this year for our homeschool plans! We will be doing monthly themed art and art appreciation studies! I'm so excited for this, but also a little bit nervous as this is the first time I setting up works like this for Y. 

The idea here is that we will spend about a month covering a particular artist or style of art. This will be of course alongside all of the other units, themes, and topics we will be covering. You can read more about our Preschool Plans for the 2016-2017 academic year in a separate post. As a result, the amount of time we will be dedicating each artist/art form will really depend on Y's interest and how it goes. 

We're going to be keeping things very general as he is only four years old and very hands on. Some activities will include matching image cards and learning the names of paintings. Others will be more hands on with play dough, recreating paintings with different forms of media, etc. We'll see how everything develops and I will be sharing our journey with you as we go!

2016-2017 preschool art plans, #montessori, #preschool, #homeschool, #preschoolplanning

I also recently tidied up and organised all of our preschool materials, including our art supplies. I'm also really glad to have gotten rid of a lot of miscellaneous, random little bits and pieces. Now, we are focusing on using quality materials to really allow for creative exploration and play rather than coloured pencils that don't allow for proper hold or dried up markers. Instead, quality materials that serve a purpose! I'm sure these will really come in handy as we progress with our art exploration this year! 

Here are our plans for this year! 

2016-2017 Preschool Art Exploration Plans

Sunday, 7 August 2016

15 healthy pancake recipes

With back to school approaching quickly, I've started planning some healthy breakfast recipes. One of my favourite breakfasts on busy days consists of pancakes and a portion of fruits on the side. Pancakes are really a versatile breakfast option as you can change up just one or two ingredients to completely change the flavour! Add some veggies like spinach for a delicious savory pancake. In the mood for something sweet? How about some fruit (or even sweet potatoes?) 

The thing with pancakes though is that I don't really love making them. I always feel like they take a little bit too long to make from scratch when I have a hungry kiddo waiting on food, or when I have to rush out the door. My solution is then to make them in large batches and freeze the extras! They freeze beautifully and then can be taken out right before consuming. You can just throw them in a toaster and viola! A healthy, but super easy breakfast! 

Before school starts back up for us, on August 29th, I'm going to be making several batches of different types of pancakes for an easy, go to breakfast once the craziness hits us! It will be one less thing to worry about and that's always wonderful, especially in the mornings! 

Let's get onto these amazing recipes! 

Healthy Breakfast Recipes: 15 Delicious pancake recipes by Welcome to Mommyhood #healthybreakfastrecipes, #healthyrecipes, #easyhealthyrecipes, #pancakes, #paleorecipes

Friday, 5 August 2016

2016-2017 Homeschool Preschool Plans

It's that time of year again! Back to school and planning for preschool for the academic year! I'm really excited to get things organized, planned, and written down. I've actually gone through our materials, downsized (you know, to make room for new items), and am so excited to set up a learning area in our new home! 

This year, we have some big changes taking place in our homeschool. First, I do want to say that Y is going to be starting public school here in the Netherlands. He is turning 4 in September, and will be attending school 4 days a week. Public school here is very, very different than public school in the United States, where I attended school and university. 

The first few years are all about play, manners, and social skills. Academics is literally not even discussed, but I will write a separate detailed post about public schools here and specifically the one in our village. Today, I want to discuss our preschool at home plans. 

2016-2017 Preschool plans by Welcome to Mommyhood #montessori, #preschool, #homeschool, #preschoolplanning

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Back to school: Non-plastic lunch box supplies

So, it's August. When did that happen? This summer is absolutely flying by and it's already time to start thinking about back to school season! 

I have to admit that I am super excited about fall! For our family, it means a lot of big, fun changes! We're in the process of moving and finishing up work on our house. Hopefully, we should have an extension with a large, wheelchair friendly shower - the last big project we have left. Also, baby #2 will be arriving towards the end of fall, and we could not be more excited! Plus, I get to spend the next few months, picking out decorations and finalising the bedroom. 

On top of all of that, Y is turning 4 in September! I cannot believe how quickly he is growing up, and feel so blessed to be his mom. He was born on my birthday, and I am really looking forward to celebrating our birthdays in our home for the first time! 

This year, Y is actually going to be attending public school here in the Netherlands. I'll be explaining more about this is a separate post. For now, I want to share our picks for our favourite school lunch supplies! 

Especially when it comes to the items we use for food prep and food consumption, I'm actually a bit picky. I try to avoid plastics and do like to go for items made from stainless steel, bamboo, or cloth. I've been having a lot of fun picking out his school lunch supplies! Here are our picks for school lunch supplies! 

Back to school: lunch box favourites by Welcome to Mommyhood #BackToSchool, #SchoolSupplies, #preschool, #kindergarten
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