Sunday, 7 August 2016

15 healthy pancake recipes

With back to school approaching quickly, I've started planning some healthy breakfast recipes. One of my favourite breakfasts on busy days consists of pancakes and a portion of fruits on the side. Pancakes are really a versatile breakfast option as you can change up just one or two ingredients to completely change the flavour! Add some veggies like spinach for a delicious savory pancake. In the mood for something sweet? How about some fruit (or even sweet potatoes?) 

The thing with pancakes though is that I don't really love making them. I always feel like they take a little bit too long to make from scratch when I have a hungry kiddo waiting on food, or when I have to rush out the door. My solution is then to make them in large batches and freeze the extras! They freeze beautifully and then can be taken out right before consuming. You can just throw them in a toaster and viola! A healthy, but super easy breakfast! 

Before school starts back up for us, on August 29th, I'm going to be making several batches of different types of pancakes for an easy, go to breakfast once the craziness hits us! It will be one less thing to worry about and that's always wonderful, especially in the mornings! 

Let's get onto these amazing recipes! 

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Healthy breakfast recipes: 

15 delicious pancake recipes

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