Monday, 19 September 2016

Paralysis and Pregnancy: Pregnancy update

I haven't been updating you guys all that much on the pregnancy lately. Really, the entire second trimester has flown by, and now, I'm 31 weeks. You guys, baby is going to be here soon! I'm beyond excited, but slightly terrified because we still have a ridiculous amount of stuff to do. 

So that second trimester? It went fairly well, but we moved during the summer so it was pure chaos. Moving while pregnant in itself is so much work. Okay, just moving is hard work, but combine that with pregnancy and paralysis? I was exhausted! 
Paralysis and Pregnancy: Second trimester pregnancy update by Welcome to Mommyhood #paralysis, #paraplegic, #pregnancy

With energy levels up and nausea subsiding though, I really did take advantage to pack, unpack, and get settled in the new house. We still are actually working on the house, don't have our permanent kitchen in, and still need to build an extension for the bathroom, alongside tons of little projects and buying the remaining furniture. However, I am really making due with what I can to get as much done as possible before baby arrives. 

Now, while the second trimester has meant more energy, it also came along with pretty consistent and scary contraction like cramps that I wrote about in my last update. Those cramps continued a few times, and ended up meaning about 3 additional trips to the gynecologist for additional checks and to exclude preterm labour. 

Towards the end of the second trimester, the cramping subsided and we were finally starting to relax. However, that feeling didn't last all that long as I started leaking fluid. We immediately called our doctor, and were told to head to labour and delivery straight away. 

Thank goodness my husband works about ten minutes away from our home and was able to leave work as soon as I called him. Our hospital is also ten minutes away from our home, as well so we were able to get to the hospital pretty quickly. 

Again, everything ended up being fine and I guess baby pushed on bladder or something. The doctors didn't really have any answers for us, just like with the cramping, but baby didn't seem to be in any distress, was moving on the ultrasound, and the leaking wasn't amniotic fluid. While we were definitely very relieved, I have to admit, I was a complete wreck. 

Unfortunately, this ended up happening a few more times. The thing is, too, because of my injury (T10 incomplete paraplegic), our doctor and the Labour and Delivery Ward midwives react very quickly to concerns. By the end of the second trimester, I have to admit that I was just emotionally exhausted and absolutely paranoid regarding every single ache and pain. 

Every time we had to go to the Labour and Delivery Ward, I couldn't help but fear that now baby would come, it would be too early, and we would lose her. My husband is always very calming and reassuring, but these incidents are scary! 

It's also a bit frustrating that we never have clear answers for why there are pains, or why something is happening. They do reassure us to say that these things happen during other pregnancies, as well, and has nothing to do with my injury or health. At least, I suppose, this means I shouldn't feel guilty, but man that is so hard! 

All in all though, I know I shouldn't be complaining because baby is doing wonderfully! This trimester I also definitely started feeling her move! I'm really excited about this because my doctors weren't 100% sure I would be able to feel her movements. However, I felt her really early at first - flutters around 16 weeks! Since then, she's grown and the movements have become very distinct. 

I'm so happy to know that in spite of the paralysis, really, baby girl is doing great, and that I can feel her move normally, just like during my previous pregnancy before I was injured! 

While this part of the pregnancy did involve some moments, we're also really happy to have learned the sex of the baby! We're having a girl and I most definitely had a lot of fun picking our baby clothes and items! 

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