Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Prereading Activities: Hot Versus Cold Classification Cards

Happy Wednesday everyone! This week seems to have gotten a bit crazy for me. I've been so busy with creating new materials, working on the blog, and also hopefully arranging a new home for this little blog. I hope it goes well, and I'll keep you guys updated in case there are any glitches or problems. I'm so excited! 

This week, I've haven't had much time to rotate our works for Y. It seems that baby girl has been going through a growth spurt as she has gained one kilo and grown 5 cm in the last few weeks! This past week in particular, she's been so clingy and has been constantly wanting to nurse. I'm so exhausted and starving aaallll of the time from it, but oh my, it's so worth it. 

Oh, another happy story - Natasha smiled at me intentionally for the first time last week! I tried to snap a few photos, but was too late, of course. Ohh, it was just the sweetest thing. She was fussing, but I came to her and once I started speaking, she smiled so happily at me. My heart just melted! 

I love all of the firsts that come with having a baby! I'm beyond happy to have this little gal in our home. Y loves her to pieces, too! We really have to remind him he can't cuddle her whenever he wants, but the kiddo just loves giving his sister kisses and has even tried to share his food with her. He has good intentions, but we need to keep an eye on those two. 

Anyway, my entire rambling on babies was meant to say - because of N's growth spurt and cluster feedings, I haven't had much time to rotate works for Y. I did however have time to prepare new printables that are ready to hit the shelves! Here is one of the fun printables I created: hot versus cold classification cards! 

Montessori Activites: hot versus cold sorting cards by Welcome to Mommmyhood #montessori, #preschoolactivities, #montessoriactivities, #classificationcards, #freeprintables
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Montessori activities

Hot vs Cold Classification Cards 

Age: 3+
Why: These classification cards are perfect for use as pre reading activities for children that are about three years old. Classification cards can also be used to build vocabulary.

Control of error

Each card comes with a vivid image of an object or place that represents hot or cold, that is easily recognizable. As a control of error, you can consider placing a dot sticker on the back of the cards - attributing one color sticker for cards representing hot, and another color for cards representing cold.

How to use them

Print the cards on thick card stock or photo paper. I think cards like this last the longest and look the most beautiful when printed on thicker, better quality paper. 

Present the cards in two stacks - the label cards and the image cards being kept separate. Have the child sort the cards based on whether they represent hot or cold objects or images. 

Get your set!

Montessori Activites: hot versus cold sorting cards by Welcome to Mommmyhood #montessori, #preschoolactivities, #montessoriactivities, #classificationcards, #freeprintables

  • 10 cards with images representing hot objects and places
  • 10 cards with images representing cold objects and places
  • 2 label cards

Materials that may enhance this unit 

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