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Easter basket ideas for babies

Easter is approaching quickly, and many of you are probably thinking about what to get for those cute little babies for their Easter baskets. I think babies tend to be pretty difficult to buy for. 

Personally, I'm really rather particular about the items I give my children, and it can get a bit tricky when loving family members and friends ask us what to get the kids for special occasions. For my son, I tend to ask for books or lego as those are two general categories that are sure to be a hit! But what about a baby? 

What do babies need? or want to play with? As a general rule, I eliminate anything with a battery. I find it annoying for myself, but also not particularly useful for baby. So what is? 

I've got you covered! Let's talk all about baby goodies! What babies need, want, and what is useful for baby's development! 
Montessori baby toy recommendations by Welcome to Mommyhood #montessori, #montessoribaby, #montessorigiftguide

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Easter basket gift ideas for babies

Babies covers a wide age range of course, and can incorporate a wide variety of skills that they are working on. When creating this list, I tried to keep open ended suggestions on it that will keep young hands and minds stimulated and engaged! 

When it comes to Montessori toys and materials, I like to look for ones that isolate one concept or skill. I also like to use natural materials and objects that children can feel and enjoy for exploration rather than plastic. 

Montessori baby toy recommendations by Welcome to Mommyhood #montessori, #montessoribaby, #montessorigiftguide
I really like this Skwish toy! It is available in color or in natural wood, too. 

This Sarah's Silks Rainbow Baby Teether provides a nice combination of different materials for baby to explore. Be careful with the addition of the silk though and be sure that baby is ready for this toy (to prevent choking.) If the silk attachment is too long for you, try this wooden rattle instead. 

Textured Ball Set - this is a nice material for children that are learning to grasp. The contrast in textures is very interesting for babies. Alternatively, try these sensory balls.
Montessori baby toy recommendations by Welcome to Mommyhood #montessori, #montessoribaby, #montessorigiftguide
Montessori Object Permanence Box is a must for a Montessori home! Similarly, a Montessori Infant Coin Box provides a wonderful challenge to a baby working on hand eye coordination.

I really like this Montessori Materials Dowel Set because
it is very simple. Toys like this really isolate targeted skills, making them very useful for babies. If you are looking for a bigger gift for a baby, any one of these Montessori materials would be perfect and very useful! 

Grimm's rainbow stacker is a very popular gift! These are such a beautiful addition to a baby's toys and can definitely be used with older children. These are also available in their natural wooden colour, as well (which would actually be my preference). 

I also think these rainbow sound blocks are just gorgeous and are so interesting for building! 

Try a set of black and white Art Cards for Baby. These are wonderful for babies to work on concentration and develop eye sight.
Montessori baby toy recommendations by Welcome to Mommyhood #montessori, #montessoribaby, #montessorigiftguide
Another useful idea could be to get a plates and cutlery set. I really love bamboo plates for baby! These bandana bibsare so pretty and they are hypoallergenic and 100% cotton! These types of gifts are very practical, which is always useful! 

This wooden wooden baby teether is so beautiful.

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