Thursday, 27 April 2017

Montessori Inspiration at Home: Practical Life Skills - Toddler Series

Hello, lovely friends! I've been so busy working on some really big projects and I haven't had an opportunity to share on here lately. I'm so excited to announce my newest project with you and give YOU an opportunity to win a fabulous prize! 
Montessori Inspiration at Home: Practical Life Skills - Toddler Series #montessori, #montessoriathome

Friday, 21 April 2017

Montessori Love on Teachers Pay Teachers

Psst! Guys, it's time for another round of Montessori Love on Teachers Pay Teachers! This month's theme is all about Math! I hope you guys stop by and checkout all of the amazing math goodies! 

Montessori Love on Teachers Pay Teachers #montessorilove

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Shark cutting strips

I'm so excited to be starting a new unit study! For the next few weeks, we'll slowly be exploring sharks (and hopefully the ocean more in depth, but we'll see how things go). I've been planning to set these up so long ago, but we just have been so preoccupied that I have yet to get to it. I'm so happy to start! 

Lately, whenever I plan a unit study, I do it alongside other non-themed activities. I slowly bring out the themed works over the course of a week or two or three depending on Y's interest level. I like that we don't then have all shark themed activities, but some shark themed, some non-themed, and then Y can choose which he wants to work on as usual. I think this way, he gets exposed to new topics that I pick, as well as continuing to work on other topics. 

The way I choose themes can sometimes be completely random, such as this theme. I thought that with summer coming up, an ocean/sea animal study might be fun. I wanted to expose Y to something new, which this. Many times our units (and definitely our non-themed activities) are interest led. If I see Y has an interest in a particular topic, I provide additional learning materials on it. 

Today, I am sharing the very start of our shark themed learning activities with some fun cutting strips. This printables set has both snipping printables and more difficult cutting strips where the child must follow a pattern for practice with precision and hand control. 

Montessori activities: Shark themed cutting strips by Welcome to Mommyhood #montessori, #montessoriactivities
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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Our Montessori Spring: Desert animals language activities

It's time for the last article in the Our Montessori Spring series! I'm so excited to be sharing a new set of activities you can create to teach your children about desert animals, including a set of free Desert animals printables that correspond to Safari Ltd Toobs. 

Our Montessori Spring: Desert animals language activities by Welcome to Mommyhood #montessori, #montessoriactivities
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Thursday, 13 April 2017

Earth Day Pin Punching

Here's another holiday I have been neglecting - Earth Day! Every time I look at a calendar, I seem to find myself totally shocked that another day has gone by! I mean seriously self! 

I feel like I need to start getting organized for Christmas now or I will set myself up for failure. This year though, I am determined to have a big ole celebration for the winter holidays. Last year, with Natasha being just born, we ended up winging it. 

Aaand I'm way off topic again. But seriously guys, where do the days go? I feel like I'm struggling just to get my daily tasks done and then add holidays on top of it and I just don't have time. I guess life will settle down when the kiddos are older, but I like the chaos of having littles. 

Perhaps, I'll stay up a bit on Friday and finish off some awesome Earth Day printables for next week! It sounds like a good plan, assuming I can manage to stay up. 

For now, here is the one Earth Day work we have done so far! 

Montessori Activities: Earth Day Pin Punching by Welcome to Mommyhood #montessori, #earthday, #montessoriactivities

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Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Easter Number Clip Cards

So, Easter will be happening soon! I literally have no idea how this happened so quickly! Guys, time with two kids - I don't understand where it goes! Sometimes, the day just seems to drag on, but the weeks and the months seem to go in just a blink of an eye! 

I also need to start planning for my husband's birthday at the end of the month, or I won't get anything prepared on time. He already even has a gift planned for me, and mine is in September. He keeps teasing me about it - but I don't like surprises so it's starting to get me a little anxious. I need to plan something nice for him though, huh? He does work hard to take care of us, and definitely deserves a break! 

Anyway, back to Easter. That's the first thing I need to prepare for! Today, I am sharing a quick Easter themed learning activity you still have time to set up!  

Easter Number Clip Cards by Welcome to Mommyhood  #easteractivities, #montessoriactivities, #preschoolactivities, #easter, #kidsactivities
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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Practical, practical life activities at 4 years old

So March kind of came and went way too quickly. I guess for us, we are still majorly adjusting to my leg being broken and guys, we still don't even know if I need surgery. Nice and suspenseful, huh? 

Anyway, I'm a little bit taken aback that it's actually already time for another 12 Months of Montessori blog article! I am really enjoying being a part of this series and reading everyone's fantastic articles. 

Today, I am super excited to share what practical life activities look like in my home now that my son is four and a half years old. This is a very important aspect actually of how my family functions, how we see each other, and something that I am beyond grateful for having Montessori in our lives. 

What in the world am I talking about? At four and a half, Y has shifted away from needing to do practical life activities on a shelf. He no longer is interested in spooning, lacing, pouring on a tray. 

Instead, my husband and I are witnessing Y take a general interest in the functioning of our home. We see him taking on responsibilities without being asked. We see him taking an interest in helping us to run things smoothly and asking to help with chores that must be completed. He doesn't get rewarded for these tasks (besides of course a thank you). He does them at times spontaneously, at times because we ask, but he does them. 

It's been such a beautiful process to watch. While I know that some part of this has to do with his character - he's a bit like me in the sense of there is a specific order to certain things and I get a little anxious if certain things are not how they should be. I guess one can say my sensitive period for order never truly left, huh? 

Anyway, I see that little bit of me in him, but I also see the impact that Montessori has had on him. Since he has started drinking from a cup, whenever he spilled, we would give him a cloth to help clean up. This comes automatically to him now. He spills something, he cleans it up. Beyond that, if I spill something, he will frequently bring me a cloth and will help me to clean it up. 

I love seeing compassion and helpfulness in his character. However, I do attribute so much of this attitude of responsibility towards his environment due to the way that we raised him in a Montessori setting where he was treated as a capable individual and where this behaviour was modeled. 

When it comes to 'chores', Y has many tasks around the home that he likes to participate in. Aside from keeping his spaces tidy and taking care of his own body, we do not really have specific expectations or chores in the traditional sense. The way we have our home set up, Y is free to participate in home management tasks and we like for him to clean up after himself. 

Materials are available to him at his level, or we have step stools where items are higher up. Y likes to take initiative and care for his environment, which we encourage in this way. Below, I am sharing a deeper look into specific tasks that he enjoys doing. 

These are in a sense practical life activities that have moved from the "shelves" where practiced these skills to becoming a deeper part of our rhythm. I love that Y had a while to practice these skills, and can now independently carry out such tasks without needing (necessarily) reminders or nagging because they have become a part of our daily structure. 
Practical, practical life activities at 4 years old by Welcome to Mommyhood #montessori

Practical life activities at four and a half 

Monday, 10 April 2017

Respecting our babies

One of my favourite things about Montessori is that children are treated with respect and dignity. I think that at the core, more than the materials, Montessori is about how we see children as capable individuals. 

When it comes to babies however, our youngest family members that can't talk, it may be harder to show respect and dignity. Today, I am sharing a few small ways in which my husband and I try to treat baby N with respect - to give her dignity and keep her preferences in consideration. 
Montessori inspired living: Respecting our babies by Welcome to Mommyhood #montesori, #montessoriinspired #montessoriathome, #montessoribabies

Saturday, 8 April 2017

Easter shape matching

So Easter will be happening soon! I have reaaaally been late with preparing Easter materials for our shelves. Just with all the hospital visits and everything, I've been a bit distracted. 

I'm finally trying to catch up though! Yay! Today, I want to share a little something that I created for my little niece - a fun Easter inspired shape matching work. I thought these little Easter inspired bunnies were just so cute and silly that I couldn't help myself! 

Easter shape matching printables by Welcome to Mommyhood #toddleractivities, #preschoolactivities, #easteractivities

Y helped me to cut out the materials and thought the work was so funny! He's four and a half so matching the shapes was a breeze for him, but he insisted on doing it anyway. 

It was a lot of fun to create this work, as well as work on laminating and cutting everything out with Y! To get your own free set, scroll down below! You can also read about how we set up this activity! 

Friday, 7 April 2017

Getting started with shelf activities - How to choose the perfect Montessori tray

When starting off with Montessori or tray activities, something that I think deserves a bit of basic attention is a discussion of the trays themselves! Not just the activities! 

The trays? What's so special about them? Well, that's what we'll be discussing today! Different types of trays and why it matters. 

While the activities themselves are crucial to learning, the type of tray we use is important beyond just offering an aesthetically pleasing appearance to the shelves. The type of tray we present activities on can make it more difficult for children to get activities themselves and clean them up.

In Montessori, it is important that activities are presented in a way that is logical and tidy for children. Using a tray that does not fit the work can also be distracting. If the work cannot be presented in a way that is logical, a child may not know where to begin with the activity, or how to clean it up when she or he is finished. Choosing the right trays for your home is pretty simple, but there are a few things to keep in mind. 

How to choose the perfect Montessori tray by Welcome to Mommyhood #montessori, #montessorihome, #preschool,
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Thursday, 6 April 2017

The Prepared Adult: finding time for yourself and making activities

I recently wrote about how important it is that we adults find time for self care. With that, I think it's also important to share a few small ways that I manage to make time for myself and make it easier on myself to run my home. 

These are small tips of course because let's be real, when we are in the trenches of raising small children, it's so hard to make that time to think about yourself. However, I find that the small things really do make a difference in helping me to relax and keeping me more pleasant to be around. 

At some point, I do need a bigger break, and I'm very thankful that my husband is understanding of those moments. During the weekends, he will take Y outside so they can work on construction of our home. It gives the boys some time to bond, and while Natasha naps, I am able to get somethings done or just take a rest. 

This article isn't about those bigger breaks as important as they are. Today, we'll chat in more depth about the prepared adult and some of the important ways I keep myself calm and ready for the day! 

The Prepared Adult: finding time for yourself and making activities by Welcome to Mommyhood #preparedadult, #montessori, #montessorihome, #montessorifamily

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Green bean life cycle printables

We have recently started preparing out garden for spring. Because we are still (yes, still!) working on our home, our backyard is still home to never ending construction materials. So we started working on the front yard. 

While, it's not the ideal place to plant our veggies, we did start. Y is just so enthusiastic (and so am I) that we can't wait another year to get started on gardening. One of the plants that we will definitely get to planting this year is green beans! I think they are nice because they grow up so even from my wheelchair, I can access them! So green beans, peas, and anything that goes up is always a win in my book. 

To prepare and give Y some background, I created a new set of green bean plant life cycle materials! You can use these to create a hands on unit study to teach little ones all about green beans! I am very excited to combine this with a study of a real plant! 

Montessori Activities - Green bean life cycle printables by Welcome to Mommyhood #lifecycleactivities, #montessori, #Montessoriactivities, #preschoolactivities, #springactivities,
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Montessori Activities: 

green beans life cycle printables

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Our Montessori Spring:insect magnifying glass cards

With spring in full swing, we are enjoying studying all sorts of interesting topics pertaining to nature and the outdoors! We are so excited to spend more time outside in nature. 

Y has been loving working on our garden - although sadly due to construction work, we have only been busy in the front yard because the back yard is still filled with construction materials and work on our extension. 

Nonetheless, we have been getting out as much as possible until Y got the chicken pox! To distract him, I created a fun nature themed exploration to distract him from what he calls his 'bumps'. These fun cards can be used in so many ways to explore insects - a fun, spring theme! 

Our Montessori Spring:insect magnifying glass cards by Welcome to Mommyhood #montessori, #montessoriactivities, #insects, #springactivities, #preschoolactivities
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Easter pin punching printables

With all of the chaos surrounding my broken leg and surgery and general upheaval going on in our lives right now, I have kind of let our Easter activities slip by. I was really looking forward to preparing some lovely themed shelves. 

Unfortunately, because of the chaos, I am going to scale down a bit. Need to be a bit practical after all. I do have a few activities for toddlers prepped though for my little niece so I will definitely share those with all of you. 

As for Y, I am going to keep it simple. Today, I am very excited to share our pin punching printables! Luckily, I had these already prepared in advance so I was able to get them up quickly. In the coming days, I need to get myself organized and get more up (again, depending on news regarding surgery). 

The activities that I have already prepped though have been so useful because Y has chicken pox. Guys, eek. April is really starting out as a tough month for us. I really hope we get a little bit of a break soon with this craziness because hubby and I are exhausted. 

Actually, even with being so exhausted, I am super excited that I have figured out how to do laundry with my cast and wheelchair. Guys, it's not easy, but the never ending pile of wash has been driving me absolutely mad. I'm happy to be able to tackle it now. 

Okay, back to activities! Here are our Easter themed pin punching printables! A cute little way to get a bit of prewriting work done all in a fun Easter theme! 

Spring activities: Montessori inspired Easter pin punching printables by Welcome to Mommyhood #montessoriactivities #preschoolactivities #springactivities
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