About me

Welcome to my blog! I am Yuliya - a work at home mom to an active Toddler! When I am not writing for Welcome to Mommyhood, I write freelance articles on international relations. I spent a few years working in the field, writing scholarly articles, and even got to work with some big names. Now, instead of presenting findings about genocide and conflict to certain UN offices, instead of writing scholarly articles about militant gangs in Ukraine, or writing proposals for million euro grants about gender equality in former Soviet countries, I am changing diapers and thinking up printables for tot school! 

You see, while traveling around Europe during University, I met my now husband. I moved to the Netherlands about five years ago to live with him, leaving the US, my home of 15 years. Now, I am waddling through cultural differences and new experiences with my husband as we try to raise our son in a multilingual, multicultural household. 

This blog is where I document our adventures in the Netherlands, clean eating, healthy meals, tot school and DIY projects, or all of my Mommy adventures! I love experimenting in the kitchen, cooking healthy meals from scratch, while making sure to prepare 'toddler approved' meals. Clean eating is really important for us, and we try to make sure that we are putting nutritious and delicious meals in our bodies!   

Hubby and I also love to DIY - he can create pieces of furniture and is an expert at big projects, whereas I stick to the smaller projects like knitting baby blankets and warm winter pieces. I like to make things for my son - ranging from scarves to educational games and activities. 

I'll also be sharing our Tot School experiences as we work on teaching the Toddler new activities, skills, and about the world around him. 

I'm excited to share what I learn as my family grows. This blog will be about my family's experiences, experiments, and journeys - in the kitchen, as parents, the challenges we face, and the successes we accomplish! 

You can contact me:

Email: yuliya.fruman@gmail.com