Sensory play

We love sensory play around here! Sensory play has many benefits, such as (but not limited to) developing math, language, cognitive, and fine motor skills. My husband and I have tried to incorporate sensory activities for our son since he was a little baby - regardless of whether it's smell, touch, or sound, sensory play is a wonderful way to teach your little ones about the world around them! 

Sensory activities for toddlers

Sensory activities for toddlers {Welcome to Mommyhood} #sensoryactivitiesfortoddlers

Cold and warm water
Construction theme sensory bin
Dinosaur sensory bin with homemade dirt  
Easter sensory bins
Macaroni sensory bin
Memorial Day Sensory bin
Orange sensory bin

Sensory letters  
Springtime Sensory Bin  
Under the sea with homemade colorful sand  
Vehicle theme (Montessori inspired)  
Yellow sensory activities

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