Toddler and Preschool Activities

Toddler Activities
I love being able to teach the Toddler about the world around him, watching him explore, and learn. On this page, I am showing you guys some our favourite activities and what we enjoy learning about together: 

150+ Toddler and preschool Activities by Welcome to Mommyhood #preschoolactivities, #montessori, #toddleractivities

Toddler and Preschool Activities

Calming chamomile play dough recipe by Welcome to Mommyhood #naturetable, #playdoughrecipeCalming chamomile play dough recipe by Welcome to Mommyhood #naturetable, #playdoughrecipe

Christmas button threading
Christmas cutting strips

Christmas activities for kids: free cutting practice printables {Welcome to Mommyhood} #freeprintables, #montessori, #toddleractivities, #christmasactivitiesforkids

Christmas tree counting and fine motor activities
Christmas tree letter and number recognition
Christmas tree number cards

Christmas Activities For Kids: Counting cards and Montessori Inspired Activities {Welcome to Mommyhood} #ChristmasActivitiesForKids, #christmasActivities, #montessori, #christmasplaydough

Christmas tree counters
Christmas tree letter cards

Christmas activities for kids: Christmas tree letter matching printable {Welcome to Mommyhood} #montessori, #freeprintables, #ChristmasActivitiesForKids

Colours of nature cards

Free printable Colours of nature cards by Welcome to Mommyhood #freeprintables, #montessori, #toddleractivities

Construction vehicle counting
Construction vehicle unit for tots
Counting with crabs and fish felt board
Creepy crawly unit and printables

Dinosaur sensory bin with homemade dirt
Dried food activities and printables

Montessori toddler activities by Welcome to Mommyhood #montessori, #freeprintables

Driving on the letter
Drop the beans
Easter carrot play dough activity
Easter sensory bins
Easter Art
Easter egg puzzle
Fall activities for tots I

Fall activities for toddlers by Welcome to Mommyhood #montessori #toddleractivities #FallActivitiesForToddlers

Fall activities for tots II
Fall lacing cards
Fall themed shades of colors cards

Preschool activities: fall themed color cards and free printables by Welcome to Mommyhood, #freeprintables, #fallactivitiesforkids, #preschool

Fall themed pre-reading cards
Fall leaf matching and sensory activities
Fall themed cutting strips

Montessori inspired fall themed cutting strips by Welcome to Mommyhood #montessori, #montessoriactivities, #preschoolactivities, #cuttingpractice

Farm theme
Farm themed sensorial activities
Farm themed Montessori inspired activities
Fine motor activities for toddlers

Fine motor activities for preschoolers (and toddlers) by Welcome to Mommyhood #Montessori #FineMotorActivitiesforPreschoolers #Totschool

Fishing for Easter Eggs
Flowers 3 part cards
Forest animal printables and activities
Fruit cutting and patterning strips

FREE Summer themed cutting and patterning practice for toddlers and preschoolers by Welcome to Mommyhood #toddleractivities, #montessoriactivities, #freeprintables

Fruit unit
Fruit themed printables
Green Shimmer Play Dough recipe
Hands on colours activities

Color activities for toddlers: 4 easy activities to help toddlers learn colors, #montessori, #totschool

Hang the ornaments (Christmas activity)
Halloweeen activities for toddlers and preschoolers

Halloween activities for toddlers & Free printables by Welcome to Mommyhood #halloweenactivitiesfortoddlers #halloweenactivities #montessori

Hanukkah cutting strips

Montessori inspired Hanukkah Cutting Practice Printable {Welcome to Mommyhood} #hanukkah, #montessori, #freeprintables

Science activities for preschoolers and toddlers: hibernation printables {Welcome to Mommyhood} #montessori, #scienceactivities

Holiday themed shelves

Christmas activities for toddlers {Welcome to MOmmyhood} #Montessori, #toddleractivities, #christmasactivitiesfortoddlers

Indian corn counting cards

Thanksgiving Activities: Indian Corn Counting Cards {Welcome to Mommyhood} #montessori, #toddleractivities, #thanksgivingactivities

Indoor water transfer 
Introduction to France 3 part cards
Invitation to Christmas play dough
Invitation to draw
Invitation to paint with nature

Nature table and paint exploration by Welcome to Mommyhood #painting, #paintathon, #preschoolactivities, #naturetable

January practical life activities

Winter Activities for Kids: Montessori inspired practical life and fine motor activities by Welcome to Mommyhood #montessori, #finemotoractivities, #practicallife, #toddleractivities

Laundry basket and some ribbon
Learning blues and greens muffin tin
Learning words
Learning numbers with under the sea themed felt board
Letter D dinosaur activity
Letter D dot marker activity
Letter D recognition
Letter monster
Letter recognition
Life skills activities
Macaroni sensory bin
March practical life activities

Saint Patrick's Day Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers: Montessori Fine Motor and Practical Life Trays {Welcome to Mommyhood} #montessori, #saintpatricksdayactivities, #montessoriactivities, #toddleractivities

Match the colours 
Match the gifts (Christmas activity)
Mega farm themed printable pack

FREE farm themed printables for preschoolers and toddlers by Welcome to Mommyhood #montessori, #preschool, #toddleractivities, #preschoolactivities,

Memorial Day Activities and free printables
Montessori 4th of July activities
Montessori inspired practical life
Montessori inspired math and language
Nature table and play dough invitation
Nature trays

Bringing nature into fall themed preschool activities by Welcome to Mommyhod #montessori, #homeschool, #nature, #preschoolactivities

North American Mammal Cards
Nuts and bolts activities and printables
Ocean animals cutting strips
Ocean activities for tots

Welcome to Mommyhood: Montessori activities for toddlers (ocean theme)

Ocean scene activity
Orange food coloring free play dough recipe
Owl shape matching

FREE owl shape matching printable from Welcome to Mommyhood #preschool, #montessori, #montessoriinspired, #preschoolactivities, #shapeprintables

Painting with wheels

Invitation to paint with wheels by Welcome to Mommyhood #transportation, #artsandcrafts, #preschoolactivities

Pea counters [Montessori inspired math unit]

Penguin shape cards
Practical life
Practical life round up II
Pumpkin activities

Pumpkin activities for toddlers & Free pumpkin printable pack by Welcome to Mommyhood

Pumpkin letters
Put beads on spaghetti
Red activities
Russian nesting dolls
Saint Patrick's Day Cutting Strips

Saint Patrick's Day Cutting Practice, {Welcome to Mommyhood} #stpatricksdayprintables, #toddleractivities, #montessoritoddleractivities

Saint Patrick's Day dot marker printable
Shape monster
Shapes and colors based activities
Snowflake letter matching
Snowman shapes printables and activities

Winter Activities for Kids Free Snowman shape printables {Welcome to Mommyhood} #winteractivitiesforkids, #montessori, #freeprintables, #toddleractivities

Spontaneous tot school day
Springtime Sensory Bin
Spring cutting strips
Spring pre-reading cards
Summer pre-reading cards

FREE Summer themed prereading cards for toddlers and preschoolers by Welcome to Mommyhood #ReadingActivities, #toddleractivities, #montessoriactivities

Summer cutting strips
Thanksgiving 3 part cards

Thanksgiving Activities: Montessori 3 part cards {Welcome to Mommyhood} #montessori, #thanksgivingactivities

Thanksgiving can you find the letter? 
Thanksgiving letter recognition
Thanksgiving preposition cards

Thanksgiving activities: Free prepositions printables by Welcome to Mommyhood #thanksgivingactivities

Tooth pick and buttons activity
Transportation number cards

Free transportation number cards for toddlers and preschoolers by Welcome to Mommyhood #montessori, #preschool, #preschoolactivities

Transportation shadow and colour matching
Transportation themed printable pack
Transportation themed preschool shelves
Tree painting

2015 Paintathon: Painting with fall colours - tree art by Welcome to Mommyhood #artforkids, #paintingforkids, #paintathon

Turkey colour cards
Under the sea with homemade colorful sand
Under the sea exploration themed activities
Valentine's Day colour gradient cards
Valentine's Day cutting strips

Valentine's Day Activities for Kids {Welcome to Mommyhood} #Valentine'sDayActivitiesForKids, #montessori, #toddleractivities

Valentine's Day number cards
Valentine's Day number matching
Valentine's Day trays

Valentine's Day Activities: Montessori inspired shelves {Welcome to Mommyhood} #montessori, #Valentine'sDayShelves

Winter counting practice
Winter prereading cards
Winter prewriting activities

Yellow sensory activities

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